Established 2018

I am Ma’at CC, Self-Published Author Artist Entrepreneurial Expressionist. I Am from GA & live in WA & I have an MBA with Honors. I Am a Interpersonal Earth Lover. Im the Bracelet Queen & I’m one with the Stones! 

I absolutely love Writing & Creating Beautiful Bracelets. Published my first book in 2020 & my mama said I made my first bracelet around 8 years old. My first science project in 5th Grade, Me & my Mama Grew a Crystal & I was awarded Honorable Mention. 

I created ExpressionsByCC LLC/Xbycc in 2018 to be able to share Good Vibes, such as love & info with all my communities, through my Business Products & Services, which are all non-Toxic, Natural & Helpful. 

The XBYCC Core Values are 


XBYCCs' Mission is to Help Everyone Love the Earth More & to Continually Create Helpful Non-Toxic Natural Melanated Expressions made with Love to Share Love!