Queen CC Beading Classes

XBYCC is hosting a Fall Intentional Beading Class in Tacoma, WA at Intentions Juice & Smoothie Bar Friday, 11/17/2023! 

Hey Yall, CC, the Bracelet Queen Here!! I just wanted to let you know how I got this title. My mama told me that I made my first bracelets around 8 years young, after she saw me liking them after making one in summer camp. She bought me some beads & I've never looked back! Also for my 5th Grade Science Project, me & my mama grew a crystal & I earned Honorable mention. It was my first one & a great feeling! Since then, I have Made & Sold thousands, if not millions of bracelets Made with Love & Positive Intentions for All! This is the best hobby turned business & I am so happy to extend my skills & services to anyone or group who wants a beading class/session. Girls Birthday Parties, Friend & Partner Beading sessions, or any events you'd like to add a beautiful memorable moment & gift to. This could be a great addition to Girls Night Out, Bachelorette Party, or even a Cookout Activity! 

Whenever you are ready to add a Natural Good Vibe to your event, Big or Small, Sign Up Below! 

Some Handmade Natural Stone XBYCC EarthCare Original Bracelets