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XByCC Book 1-3 Paperback Bundle

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Ma’at CC XByCC Book collection of Book 1, 2 & 3!

Copyright © 2020


Book 1-6x9 Book - Ma’at CC first compilation of Poems from an Afro Melanated Woman living in AmeriKKKa. It's to all the righteous! Non-Fiction Enlightenment Compilation #ForTheCulture!!

A Revolutionary Poetry Book to Inspirit my People!!

Also Contains Suggested Books & Scholars List!!

Book 2-4x6 Book - We must Overstand the Power of Words - Self Help Book directly written to the Black/Afro Melanated Aborigine of Earth Family - We have to train our subconsciouses for success through positive verbiage! Affirmations are one of the main keys to Black Liberation!

Book 3-4x6 Book - Affirmations Completely for All Black Businesses & Melanated Beings Businesses! Lets Get in Black Business, Stay In Black Business & Create Melanated Generational Wealth! ✊🏾🤑

Black Economics is the Key to our Black Liberation! Lets start investing in ourselves & create our True Divinities!! ✊🏾✊🏾