Enlightenment Course-Reverse Brainwash Course

Religion practices seem unrighteous, evil, &/or contradictory to you?
The definition of Enlightenment is the action of enlightening or the state of being enlightened & the word Enlighten is to give (someone) greater knowledge and OVERstanding about a subject or situation. If you do understand something then you stand under that knowledge/info that is told/given to be able to agree to what is stated. If you INNERstand or stand in situations/circumstances, by applying it to be able to OVERstand. OVERstanding is when you stand over circumstances/situations/Info, which is wisdom about what is stated. UNDERstanding is getting the basic information like researching. INNERstanding is when you apply research, gain exposures & experiences & OVERstanding is when you know the details of those situations/circumstances/events/
Info/Exposures/Experiences. So we should always be striving EVERYDAY to KNOW all that we can & to continually grow Mentally, Physically & Emotionally Because Learning is a Life-Long Task & We are all students of Life! Take this course to become your own Critical Thinker & Observe your life for what it really is!
•Tired of relying on Faith & so called saviors?
•The contradictions in your Religion not adding up?
•Tired of wondering about the unbalanced & mysterious religious stories you are told?
•The evil acts of the so called Holy Religions not resonating with your soul?
•Anybody tired of Faith Not working?
•Anybody tired of BELIEVING with FAITH & rather KNOW things for certain? 
•Religion practices seem unrighteous, evil, or contradictory to you?
•Anybody Ready to Leave the Religious Bondage for Enlightenment? 

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Lose Your Religious Bondage in 30 Days - Path to Mental Growth & Enlightenment


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